Thursday, 6 February 2014

Highlight of the trip

This morning on the journey from Magwe to Pyay we visited a local school. It was fantastic. They had never seen a tourist before. Julian gave a impromptu English lessor which the children picked up so quickly. I think it was his impersonations of "dog" and "cat" which won them over. The children and teachers were simply a joy to meet.

We had with a game of football. Our average age was about 55 theirs about 10. Julian was our captain, Xani their manager. Our captains instructions were "let them win by a goal". At half time we were 3-0 down! Playing in sand was a new experience for most of our players. However Roger Allen needs to be penalised at least 5 seconds for missing our best opportunity, about 3ft in front of their goal. I think we lost by 5 or 6. But what a game as we tumbled in the sand the kids laughed and laughed.

We donated books, pens and fillers, kindly donated by H&H. The crews had a whip round which will provide the school with vital resources and before leaving we were sung a song.

Julian and I both drove down the road in silence (for a change). It was a fantastic visit which we will always remember.

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