Monday, 3 February 2014

Snakes and rallying

Whilst ballooning yesterday, Nobby our pilot told us that Bagan is riddled with snakes. There are 20 different poisonous snakes in Burma, the worst being the Burmese Viper.

Doc John told us the story of two guys in the bush. One of them was bitten by a Burmese Viper on his todger. His mate called the doctor for advice. "unless you suck the poison out he will be dead in 30 minutes" the doctor advised. "what did he say? asked the poor fellow writhing in agony on the ground. " you're dead in 30 minutes" came the reply.

I'm afraid the the news of the snakes definitely impacted my approach to the rough, where I seemed to spend most of my time, during the Bagan Classic yesterday

30km regularity today which we must nail. Straightforward so the application of all technology, brain power and cunning is required. I think that Heidi (Lotus Cortina) will give us her calculations which she has got off Julian and Gus (Aston Martin) who have worked everything out to the second. We are in third place , 3 seconds behind Roger ad Maggie Allen and 49 seconds behind Jose and Maria.

The Aston broke both it's rear shock absorbers early in the rally which makes for uncomfortable driving. They flew out two new ones (£1500) which cost them $2500 in duty. They have already broken one of the new ones bottoming the car in a water gully. The good news is that they have a dust buster so their car is very tidy!

Dinner last night was in Burmese national costume. Though i say it myself I looked rater magnificent in flip flops, longue (like a sarong) and Burmese shirt which I acquired yesterday. Julian appeared in a ladies longue much to the surprise and amusement of the waiters. Hilarious!

Off to Mount Popo today to, much to my surprise, see a Pagoda!

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