Sunday, 26 January 2014

A race from Inle

We left Inla lake after a rest day with 1 hour to do 40km. Doesn't sound much but we made no errors, pushed hard in the traffic and was 6 minutes late. We were only the 4th car to find the start of the regularity. Brilliant navigation by Julian on his 52nd birthday.

We nailed the regularity with 12 seconds of penalties. Sadly Gerd and Birgit are even better and only got 2 seconds. THe only thing that is going to stop them is a puncture!

We visited the Shwe U Min caves afterward it's 8000 Buddhas. Brilliant but slightly over buddha'd!

Then an umbrella factory which was fascinating, everyone madly buying umbrellas that don't fit in their cars!

We discovered why we are loosing water. We have a crack in the bottom of the radiator. We arrived at the hotel, removed the radiator and soldered it. 2 hours later we discovered in repairing one we had created another leak! Ahhhhhh........Thanks to Charlie and Rob for all their help.

We will keep topping her up tomorrow and get to Mandalay, trying another solder repair tomorrow night. It's no small matter removing the radiator but needs must.

Tonight Xavier and I bought the drinks for Julian's birthday. The rally presented him with a nice present, a lacered box with his name engraved in gold in the lid and we had a great dinner.

All good.. Second equal place and everything to play for


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