Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Day 1 Yangon to Taungoo

Started the day with a police escort out of Yangon, how smart is that! Sadly car 1 came to a grinding halt on the way out and we all stopped, causing one of Yangon's notorious traffic jams. Anyway we all got going again. Julian and I stopped at theCommonwealth war cemetery on the way out of Yangon. Very moving. Then we visited the sleeping Budda, the replica Kings palace and then a lovely rural village. Rory's Polaroid camera worked brilliantly in the village. Most of the children got a photo which they could not believe.

Pretty much fault free motoring today. A slight problem with the rear mud guard bracket snapping (age rather than anything else). It's strapped up and will hold until a rest day when we will get it welded.

Julian drove this afternoon. He's only driven the car once and was simply perfection. It made me very cross! I thought that the least he could do is struggle with it for a couple of years like me!

Since we all left very late the timings were cancelled this morning, and we were spot on our arrival time so no penalties. Aren't we the clever ones!

Nice hotel at Taungoo.

We are going to the new capital, Naypyidaw tomorrow which will be interesting. It has a population one tenth that of Yangon.


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