Monday, 27 January 2014

Pindaya to Mandalay

Really fantastic route through the mountains. A great regularity which we should have nailed until the Aston jumped n front at e end and hogged the line causing us to stop early. Lost 8 seconds and are now in 3rd ace behind Hose and Maria.

Then drinks in the cafe with Xavier and Innes and a picnic beside a canal, joined by Michael and Simone.

Then we really were on the Road to Mandalay. SE cruised into the Palace which had been destroyed in 1945 by either British shelling (accidental) or Japanese scorched earth policy before escaping through the drains. A replica was constructed by the generals in 1990, why I am not sure since there were no tourists then.

Dinner with Alastair and his mum (96 yeses old!). A really game old bird and an interesting chat about familiy and old times

Rest day tomorrow and Charlie wants to have another go at he radiator. I want to go up the Irrawaddy.

Xavier has been in bed not feeling well. Let's hope that he recovers quickly.

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