Monday, 13 January 2014

spectacles, testicles, wallet, and watch!

Well I think I'm ready. I have, I hope, completed my first assessed essay for my MA which has to be in by Friday. I will find out during my tutorial on Wednesday whether it passes muster. I haven't really got time to do anything about it on Thursday and Friday if it doest pass. Al seems to like it which is all that matters. She's very kind to read it since I'm not sure Cyber Warfare is really her thing.

Otherwise I'm in good shape, as is Julian. I've been into Oakham today to buy a spare pair of reading glasses, as far as i can tell my testicles are still there and in good shape, my US dollars have arrived and I have put a new battery in the Swatch, what more does a man need to drive around Burma in a very old car. Passport and Visa are ready, jabs done and insurance in place. the rest as they say is in the lap of the gods.

One cunning plan I have is to take Rory's Instax instant camera. I thought when in the middle of nowhere surrounded by locals, who won't have seen a 1933 Lagonda before (I'll probably find that they are still driving them!), I can leave them with a picture. I think that they might like that.

Just my kit bag to pack and then I'm really ready. Flying Saturday morning.


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